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NHK杯  男子シングル ISU記事

ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating - NHK Trophy, Day 4
03 Dec 2006 07:08

The NHK Trophy concluded Sunday in Nagano (JPN) with the Men’s Free Skating and the Exhibition Gala. The NHK Trophy was the sixth and last event in the Grand Prix series and nine skaters/couples used the opportunity to qualify for the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final in St. Petersburg (RUS).

Men, Free Skating
The Men’s event concluded with another exciting competition at high level. Daisuke Takahashi led a podium sweep of the Japanese Men. Nobunari Oda claimed the silver medal and Takahiko Kozuka earned the bronze. All three medalists achieved a new personal best score.


Takahashi had drawn to skate last out of the 11 skaters. He opened his program to “Phantom of the Opera” with a quadruple toeloop, followed by a triple Axel, triple Axel-double toeloop combination, a triple flip-triple toe and four more triples, and just the loop and the second flip were somewhat shaky. The 2005 Four Continents silver medalist also produced difficult spins and steps, earning a level-four for the upright spin and the dramatic straight line step sequence and a level three for the other three spins and the circular footwork. Takahashi got 163.49 points (86.19/77.30), clearly surpassing his previous personal best of 149.44 points. He racked up a total score of 247.93 points. “I’m very happy to have won the gold medal. I landed my jumps, but some of my steps and spins were not clean. That remains an issue for me”, the 20-year-old said.

Oda hit a triple Axel-triple toeloop-double loop combination, a triple loop, triple Lutz-double toe, another triple Axel and three more triple jumps, all of them very clean. The reigning Four Continents Champion also showed fast, well centered spins, two of which were graded a level four by the Technical Panel. The 19-year-old scored 161.01 points (85.01/76.00), significantly bettering his personal best score of 149.59 points and accumulated a total score of 244.56 points.

“I’m very pleased with the silver medal and with having qualified for the Grand Prix Final”, Oda told the press. “I’m happy to have skated a good free skating. I was really nervous in the short program. My quad (toeloop) has been improving in practice since I’m back in Japan and I hope to have it for the Japanese National Championships”, he continued.
「私は銀メダルを獲得し、グランプリファイナルに進む資格を得ることができで とても満足しています」と織田はプレスに語りました。「私は良いフリーの演技を滑ることができて、とても幸せです。私はSPはとても神経質になっていました。私の4回転トゥは日本に戻って来てから、練習で改善されていっています、私は全日本選手権のため、(4回転を)を入れることを希望します」と彼は続けました。

Kozuka completed Japan’s success with a strong performance to a Piano Concerto by Frederic Chopin that featured a triple Axel, triple flip-triple toeloop combination and five more triple jumps as well as high quality spins. The reigning World Junior Champion received 140.39 points (73.69/66.70), a huge improvement over his previous personal best of 121.81 points, and collected 208.34 points to win his first senior Grand Prix medal. “I’m very surprised about the bronze medal. After the Trophee Bompard (his first Grand Prix event, where he was ranked sixth), I never would have expected to win the bronze medal. I’m especially happy about my triple flip. Before I will include a quadruple jump in my program, I will perfect the two triple Axels in the free skating”, the 17-year-old commented.





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